A New Chabad House On Wheels Makes Its Maiden Voyage From Canada To Miami

A new Chabad “House” opened up last year at the beginning of the football season at the Miami Dolphins Stadium.

Chabad of Miami Gardens has been doing mivtzoim during the months of the football season – when about 65 thousand fans come to the stadium for each game. As of Chof Av 2022, at the Florida regional Kinnus Hashluchim held that year in Alma Atah by Reb Levik, Chabad of Florida announced a new dedicated Shliach to all activities in and around the Hardrock Stadium.  

Rabbi Yakov Menaker jumped right in with this idea. And has made it an amazing success B”H.

During TAILGATE TIME- they set up their Chabad Center with lots of music, food, dancing and of course – MIVTZOIM!! Hundreds of Jews put on tefillin and receive Ne”SheK (menorah) and many hundreds more people gladly accept the GOOD CARDS.

Chabad at the Stadium is blossoming thanks to the devoted effort of the members of the Chabad community in Miami Gardens – heading this incredible team is Rabbi Sholem Kleinman and Rabbi Yakov Menaker. Partnering with them are the very talented and hardworking members of the shul, particularly Daniel Herman, Levi Habosha, Yitzi Spalter, Pini Fershtman, and Mendy Lieder

Special mention and above all – thanks is due to Daniel Herman –  for his love and devotion to mivtza tefillin and now – for his sponsorship of this brand new and unique Mitzvah Tank – of Chabad at the Stadium.

This mitzvah tank was commissioned by Daniel Herman who oversaw its production, and Yehuda Lang from Toronto who designed and created the beautiful artwork on the Tank. 

Especially meaningful is the encouragement and guidance which this team has received from Rabbi Shalom Ber Schapiro– father-in-law of Yakov Menaker. Rabbi Schapiro is well known for his many Chabad activities over the years – specifically those he did in Long Island, NY, years before any  shluchim set up Chabad Houses on Long Island.  He would do these activities (Release Time, summer day camp, couples learning group, Yahadus Center) using his own beautiful mitzvah tank – which was specifically designed with the Ten Mivtzoim by an artist.

The inauguration of this brand new Mitzvah Tank, of Chabad at the Stadium- is a meaningful moment for Rabbi Schapiro. He is grateful to see the next generation continuing the work of spreading the light of Chassidus. He thanks Hashem for this moment.

May Chabad of the Stadium be blessed with continued and increased success! May they speedily drive their beautiful Mitzvah Tank in the streets of Yerushalayim!

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