A New Home for Lubavitch Educational Center’s Mesivta

Renovations are underway for LEC Mesivta’s new, impressive 3-acre, $7 million campus in Miami Gardens, Florida. The $3 million construction project is expected to be completed in time for the upcoming school year.

The Mesivta has recently experienced remarkable growth under the dedicated leadership of Rabbi Motti Schurder and Rabbi Eily Smith, outgrowing their current campus. Thanks to the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Moj Danial, and Mr. and Mrs. David and Eda Schottenstein, they will soon have plenty of space to flourish. “The Schottenstein family has been supporting the school from early on and we’re grateful that David and Eda are continuing that legacy,” says Rabbi Benzion Korf.

The campus’s three magnificent buildings will house classrooms, a bais medrash, dormitory, mikvah, and social hall. Plans for sports fields are also in the works, to support the physical wellbeing of the bochrim.

“This will be the start of a new era for our Mesivta,” says Rabbi Korf. “We are eagerly anticipating the completion of this exciting expansion.”

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