“Al Zeh” A Heartfelt Tisha B’av Song

Listen to a heartfelt, acapella rendition of the sad words of Eicha describing the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash.

Composition: Rabbi Eliyahu Klang
Vocals: Moishy Goldstein
Production: Music Studio NYC
Footage: Megalim Institute

“As I was reading Eicha last night,” Moishy Goldstein relates, “I encountered these words and remembered the heartfelt melody as sung by Avraham Fried (in 1987). When I came home I decided to record an acapella version fit for Tisha B’av. So what you hear is a product of Tisha B’av from start to finish.”

The song first appeared in the record “Pirchei Sings Ani Maamin” released in 1968.

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