Another “Supervision Situation” Strikes In South Florida As Sunshine State Kashrus Announces That It Will Be Pulling Their Hechsher From Sushi Addicts

The following was posted by Elon Kornblum regarding a “supervision situation” that saw Sunshine State Kashrus pull its certification from Sushi Addicts restaurant.

Sadly, 2023 couldn’t end without another supervision situation.

I know many are trying to post in the group this Kashrus Alert from Sunshine State about Sushi Addicts in Hollywood. But I didn’t want to approve it until I spoke to both sides. Crazy concept. Anyway, see the alert below.

Now in between my lunch and driving home, I have spoken to Imri Shwartz of Sushi Addicts and undoubtedly he has his thoughts and version and disagrees with the supervision.

I have also spoken to Rabbi Salid, Posek from the Sunshine State supervision. I’m not going to go into great detail but he said he stands behind his statement and he won’t say anything against anyone else. I did ask him on whether these Kashrus violations had anything to do with trief or serving non Kosher food. He said, I’ll just say that Kashrus violations doesn’t always have to do with trief (the fact that they are still supervising through tonight is an interesting decision and says a lot right there). So if anyone is concerned about anything you ate, you don’t need to worry. In fact, Rabbi Salid wishes Imri well and hatzlacha but they will not be supervising the restaurant anymore.

Meanwhile, the restaurant will be closed after tonight and they are in the process of changing supervision, which has been the case for some time, it seems there was obvious friction between the 2 parties.

I hope this does not get ugly and we do ask everyone to be patient while all of this is sorted out.

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