Car Crashes and Explodes At US-Canadian Border, Killing Occupants and Being Investigated


A vehicle being passed through the US-Canadian at the Rainbow Bridge near Niagara Falls suddenly sped up and wrecked Wednesday afternoon, killing the cars two occupants.

According to reports from the scene, the car had been waved through the first checkpoint at the border entering the US when the car suddenly picked up speed and struck a concrete pole at nearly 100mph. The car came apart and immediately burst into flames.

A US Border Patrol Officer has also been reported as being injured.

Media sources quickly picked up the story and began disseminating it as a car bombing incident, reporting that a large cache of explosives had been found. This has not been corroborated and appears to be false.

A statement made by New York Govern or Kathy Hochul has insinuated the possibility that the incident was terror related.

“I have been briefed on the situation that occurred at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls,” Governor Hochul said. “At my direction, the New York State Police is actively working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force to monitor all points of entry to New York. I am traveling to Buffalo to meet with law enforcement and emergency responders and will update New Yorkers when more information becomes available.”

At present time no reports of terror relation to the incident have been reported.

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