Op-Ed: A Purim Letter To My Kids and Yours

Over the years Zvi Gluck has put together more than a few columns trying to get people to realize that while Purim is filled with fun and festivities, for some, it is a day that poses tremendous challenges with potentially life-altering consequences. As the father of three teenagers with another one swiftly approaching those foundational years as well, he has begun viewing Purim through a different prism.

Op-Ed: The Silent Cry

Can you imagine the suffering of a child being repeatedly cruelly molested and tortured by a relative, in a family member’s house, with their knowledge?! Can you imagine the suffering of an innocent Bochur who is set up and marries such a girl and experiences hell, thinking he is the source of the issue? How I (and many others) were zoche to such suffering, I do not know. An Op-Ed by Anonymous