JLI: The Evolution of Jewish Law

A thorough tour into the world of Jewish law. From the Torah all the way to the Talmud, including all of the digests, codes, commentaries, and responsa, hear about how texts on Jewish law evolved from discussions and debates into a practical guide for Jewish life.

JLI: Top Relationship Myths Debunked

Miriam Lipskier, Co-founder and Director of the Chabad Student Center at Emory University is passionate about inspiring happy, functional relationships. Hear her address some of the core themes, challenges, and ideas when it comes to meeting and choosing one’s partner.

Video of the Day

Illusionist Shlomo Levinger, a Queens based Magician, travelled to South Florida to entertain the guests at an event benefiting Hatzalah of South Florida. Watch the greatest highlights including Ben Shapiro as he gets astounded by Shlomo’s sleight of hand.