Chabad Shluchim Across South Florida Convene For Kinus In Aventura

When the 200-plus Florida shluchim traveled together last year during the summer to Alma Ata to the tziyun of Reb Levi Yitzchak Schneersohon, the Rebbe’s father, it was an extraordinary experience. For those privileged to make the journey, the feelings of inspiration lingered long after.

Seeking to recapture some of that remarkable energy, this same cohort of shluchim—along with fellow shluchim from neighboring southern states—convened once again for this year’s regional Kinus. Last year it was the gritty and storied environment of Kazhakstan; this year, the sunny and tropical delight of Aventura South, Florida, in the beautiful and spacious Chabad House there under the leadership of Rabbi Mendel and Raizel Rosenfeld.

After viewing video footage from the kinus last year in Alm Ata, the stage was set for a remarkable day of achdus and motivation—and practical development. With a packed schedule of sessions on a bevy of topics, just a few hours provided hefty resources. Topics covered such a wide spectrum as Managing Stress and Challenges to Access to Federal Funding, to Jewish Veterans and Active Service Members, to How to Raise Healthy Chassidishe Children.

A particularly special session was when three senior shluchim—Rabbi Shabsi Alprin, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rabbi Shalom Ber Lipskar from Bal Harbour, FL and Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus, South Broward, FL—shared with their younger members many personal directives from the Rebbe and other invaluable nuggets culled from years in the field.

Of course, beyond the particular sessions, tips, best practices, and professional development, it was simply a refresher and a recharge for all those who attended. “I was on the vaad that helped organize the Kinus, as well as part of the group who went last year to Alma Ata,” said Rabbi Mendy Katz of Chabad of Mid Miami Beach, FL, “and baruch Hashem, I must say that the same magic in the air was there. It was a physically and materially wonderful event, and that only served to amplify the spiritual energy.”

“Throughout the year, we each toil away in our own corners, and whether we’re conscious of it or not, our batteries need some recharging,” said Rabbi Eli Eckstein of Chabad Dania Beach, FL. “Coming together with fellow Shluchim even just for these few hours of inspiration and connection is rejuvenating for body and soul.”

Much credit goes to Rabbi Rosenfeld for hosting, as well as to Rabbi Bentzion Korf for running the entire kinus. Another special privilege for all the Floridian shluchim was to hear Rabbi Avraham Korf, head shliach of Florida, lead the crowd for Tehillim during the banquet.

The banquet offered more than just food, of course. A world-class musical performance by Rabbi Berel Zuker provided the ambience, and inspirational remarks from Mr. Moshe Tabicinic, a staunch and generous supporter of many Chabad activities across the world, was received with much acclamation.

This kinus was the perfect platform to introduce the newly elected head of the Vaad Hashluchim of Florida, Rabbi Yosef Raichik. As the head of a very active and democratic vaad, the shluchim were very enthused to hear about the many projects and initiatives Rabbi Raichik and his office are rolling out to keep the well-oiled machine of Chabad of Florida humming along even more efficiently and effectively, carrying out the Rebbe’s vision to the utmost.

“The Rebbe strongly encouraged these regional kinusim,” said Rabbi Kotlarsky, chairman of the International Kinus Hashluchim and the one entrusted by the Rebbe with facilitating regional Kinusim worldwide, “and to see how each year, the shluchim appreciate them so much, makes that vision clear. Of course, as this year is a Hakhel year, it makes such gatherings even more important. With Hashem’s help, the zechus of this achdus should bring us the ultimate Hakhel in the Beis Hamikdash!”

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