Cheder Chabad of Florida Teaches Safety Program With “Safety Kids”


The safety of our children is of paramount importance, so Cheder Chabad of Florida launched its Safety Smarts program, better known as the “Saftey Kid” program for the students of the school.

This program teaches the children about safety in many areas including how to avoid abuse.

Trained professionals taught the children in a very clever and age appropriate way, tailoring to the schools Chassidishe values. The program was used in many Chabad schools all over the country, and endorsed by many Rabbonim and organizations.

During the summer, Cheder provided training for the staff and the parents in this area.

“As we are approaching Pesach and the summer, it was the opportune time to teach our children how to stay safe,” the school said.

Photo Credit: Cheder Chabad Facebook

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