Dr. Zelenko Gives Dire Health Update, Remains Positive

Dr. Zev Zelenko, the famed Frum physician who pioneered alternative treatments for COVID-19, has published a dire update on his health. Read the entire Update below.

My health update.

Unfortunately, my cancer has progressed and spread to my remaining lung, and may have also spread to my left hip, and low back.

I will have biopsies of the hip and back soon.

There are experimental and alternative treatment options that I am exploring.

I feel good and have no fear. I may have to scale down some of my smaller media events but fully intend to stay in the fight as long as I have consciousness.

It has been four years since I was supposed to die. Everyday since has been miraculous and I attribute my continuous survival to the prayers of loving people.

My Hebrew name is

Velvel Wolf Zev Ben Leah

It really isn’t important when and how a person dies. It is much more important how a person lives.

With much love

Zev Zelenko

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