Emotional Moments at the Western Wall With Amputees Of Ongoing War

Amputee civilians and soldiers from the Iron Swords war came to the Western Wall to say a psalm of thanksgiving and to pray for the recovery of wounded friends and IDF soldiers

A touching event unfolded at the Western Wall, as civilians and soldiers who lost limbs in the Iron Swords war gathered at the Western Wall to express gratitude for their lives being saved, and to pray for the recovery of IDF soldiers and their injured comrades.

The participants had been wounded by missiles during the fighting in Gaza or during the battles of Simchat Torah on October 7th, as well as soldiers wounded in the past who came to support them during this period of time.

In the presence of Israel’s chief rabbi, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, and the rabbi of the Western Wall and holy sites, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, an emotional prayer of gratitude took place for their survival despite the injuries. The prayer concluded with the recitation of psalms for the healing of the wounded, a prayer for the well-being and success of the IDF soldiers and security forces, and a prayer for the swift return of the captives. Those who were already present at the Western Wall joined the moving ceremony, embracing and blessing the participants.

The participants were warmly received by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation and the “Next Step” association, which assists amputees from the moment of injury through the rehabilitation process, providing prosthetics to maximize physical function and acquire functional independence. They were joined by U.S. Representative Brian Mast, a double amputee after having been wounded in Afghanistan, who came especially to strengthen the Israeli amputees.

The Foundation hosted them on an accessible route in a new exhibit opening to the public soon. It features unique simulation technology that allows connection to the period of the Temple. It aims to provide an understanding of the significance of the Western Wall for the Jewish people as a place of prayer and gratitude throughout the generations and at the “A Look into the Past” experience—a virtual-reality view of the Temple.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation: “It was inspiring to witness these brave and strong amputee soldiers conveying a message of optimism and strength from the Western Wall. As they expressed gratitude for their survival, they left the Western Wall with a call to the people of Israel to continue fighting, persevering, and ultimately triumphing”.

Picture credit: The Western Wall Heritage Foundation

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