End of An Era, KosherFest Announces It Will Not Return

by JewishMiami.info

Kosherfest, the annual event that brought kosher food producers, buyers and venders flocking each year, has made the heartbreaking announcement that it will not be returning.

“After extensive discussions with our consultant, bellwether exhibitors and very thorough analysis, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Kosherfest,” the organizers wrote in an email. “Due to today’s changing supermarket category manager buying responsibilities and the elimination of the kosher
buyer in many major supermarket chains, exhibitors feel Kosherfest has run its course and there is no longer significant ROI to justify exhibiting at the show.”

The crushing changes to the market, years in the making, have finally left their mark and making Kosherfest too unique a niche to make sense.

“Within supermarket chains, the kosher food category increasingly falls under the grocery buyer’s responsibility,” the organizers explained. “As this buyer is responsible for sourcing and purchasing a wide array of products, they are more likely to attend food events displaying items not just exclusive to kosher. A certified kosher only food show such as Kosherfest is too niche for their attendance.”

The organizers had already begin planning for this coming years exhibition, and with the change of course have promised to refund all deposits made within the next two to three weeks.

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