Ever Heard God Bless America in Yiddish? Listen With Chazzon Aryeh Hurwitz

G-d Bless America, by Irving Berlin, originally Israel Beilin, a Russian Jew who moved to America and became one of the greatest song writers ever. Well someone did good ‘ole Irving the favor to write it up in Yiddish, and here we are. God Bless America in English and Yiddish. Enjoy!

Chabad Chabad of Central Boca Raton a magical evening with Shlomo Simcha, Aryeh Hurwitz and the incredible musicians: Keyboard 🎹 Ari Cattan Piano 🎼 Sholom Lieberman Drum 🥁 Evan Schechter Violin 🎻 Alex Minkowsky Guitar 🎸 Yehuda Rosenberger

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