Gathering in Boca Raton Honors IDF Wounded Soldiers

On January 4, a brimming crowd convened at the magnificent Illumination Ballroom of Broken Sound Club to pay tribute to Israel’s wounded soldiers. The event special event coordinated by Judith Needle, Roni and Shai Gerner, and Tzvia Wexler sported attendees from diverse backgrounds, and boasted the presence of esteemed IDF heroes and community leaders.

The evening opened with a compelling message from Israel’s President, Isaac Herzog, passionately affirming government support for IDF wounded soldiers at Beit Halochem. His clarion call resonated: We stand united to aid these heroes in battling the war after the war, ensuring they receive the support they need for a brighter future.

Highlighting the evening was IDF wounded soldier Asael Lubotzky, who courageously shared his firsthand account of war, trauma, and injuries. Mayor Evan Piper, himself wheelchair-bound, expressed support for Israel and particularly its wounded soldiers.

Tzvia Wexler, National Development Director of Beit Halochem USA/FIDV, conveyed her experience of three decades working with various US communities in supporting IDF soldiers and the state of Israel. She emphasized the profound impact of exclusively working with IDF wounded soldiers at Beit Halochem over the last year and a half, gaining a deeper appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit.

Wexler drew attention to the staggering numbers: 52,000 IDF wounded from previous wars, with over 8,500 physically wounded and 15,000 suffering from PTSD in the current conflict. “Each of these wounded soldiers finds a second home at Beit Halochem,” she said.

“The gathering served as a powerful statement, standing in solidarity with IDF wounded soldiers who sacrificed greatly for our freedom”, she continued. Tzvia Wexler urged attendees to unite, emphasizing the singular Jewish state, Israel, and inviting participation in this impactful mission.

She concluded with a powerful quote, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” The audience was thanked for their love and support, and the rallying cry of “Am Israel Chai!” echoed through the night.

Beit Halochem provides rehabilitation and support services to disabled IDF veterans in Israel. For over 7 decades, they have been a beacon of hope for wounded soldiers, offering a second home and vital resources for their recovery. They are the only authorized rehabilitation organization that collaborates with the Ministry of Defense in the government.

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