Hakhel Torah To Be Written in Honor of A Speedy and Complete Recovery For Raphael Chaim Meir

When hope seems lost, we have always turned to Torah.

Following an unthinkable tragedy, little Raphael Chaim Meir is fighting for his life.

Thousands around the world have taken Hachlatos, acts of kindness, and Torah learning in the merit of his speedy recovery.

Think back to Har Sinai. Who were the only guarantors that the Almighty accepted for the holy Torah?

Indeed, it was the children. By the children committing to safeguard it, HaShem deemed it appropriate to ultimately entrust the Jewish people with receiving the Torah.

Today, in the merit of all Jewish children, we are commencing the writing of a Torah, which will serve to safeguard the children, just as the children have committed to safeguard the Torah.

In this great zchus, may we all be blessed with only revealed brachos, and may רפאל חיים מאיר בן שימא חשא be blessed with a speedy and complete recovery.

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