HatzalahThon #4: Will You Be A Messenger of LIFE?!

The 4th annual Hatzalahthon is officially upon us!

There are everyday heroes who walk among us. You may know them from your local shul, perhaps you have even exchanged smiles or greetings with them. Maybe they send their kids to the same schools as your very own!

These everyday individuals are also loving fathers and spouses, but they are built of a
different caliber because they dedicate themselves to something far bigger than just
themselves. I speak of our Hatzalah heroes of course- average people who do the
above-average everyday.

Theirs is a labor of love, a divine mission to protect and preserve life. Their role
transcends beyond expectation, as they are always ready to rush to the aid of those in
need, regardless of the time or place. In fact, our Hatzalah volunteers truly embody the
concept of “Messengers of Life,” being unwaveringly committed to the safety, security,
and continued health of our communities.

For the Messengers of Life, saving lives is not just a job- it’s a calling.

Our heroes cannot operate single-handedly. That’s where we, as a community, come into
the picture. Hatzalah relies on our support, encouragement, and financial assistance to
sustain and continue their life-saving work. Therefore, we are launching this campaign to
raise funds for these dedicated individuals, ensuring they have the resources necessary to
continue their selfless mission.

Know this.

When a community such as ours unites, we become an unstoppable force. Let us band together as a community, as true partners in life, to show our heroes just how grateful we really are. Let us show them that their work is not just important, but it is vital to the well-being of our community. Let us recognize their sacrifices. And most importantly, let’s let them know that they are not alone in their mission.

Visit HatzalahThon.com and find your local branch.

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