In Case You Were Unsure, Grubhub and Seamless Are not Certified Under the OK

A Kashrus Alert sent from the OK Kosher certification, should stand as a reminder for all door to door food delivery consumers, not everything you can purchase from Grubhub or are kosher.

The alert notified kosher consumers that, and their associated mobile apps are displaying the OK Kosher certification mark without authorization.

While the rather broad statement may leave many questions, such as if the unauthorized symbol was being used as a Kosher Certification for the entire site, or if it was just being used unauthorized by certain food establishments, one thing is for certain. Double check to make sure that wherever you are getting your food is properly certified.

Another recent Kosher scare occurred with UberEats, where many eateries that were designated under the “Kosher” search were actually anything but. In one such establishment, the owners went so far as to write in the restaurants description that it was open on Shabbos and prepares both meat and dairy in the same kitchen.

In the case of Grubhub and Seamless, the OK Kosher says corrective actions are underway.

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