INBOX: A Personal Letter From A Hatzolah Wife

Golda Turner, director of Beineinu USA, wrote a personal letter to the Jewish community highlighting some important safety tips for this Purim.

Dear Friends,

As a Hatzolah wife whose husband has done about 500 calls this past year, I can tell you that Purim is a very, very busy day. Rather than being busy all day with delivering mishloach manos and enjoying with their families, the Hatzolah dispatchers and members are busy full time responding to Purim related calls like these:
– People on medications who drank alcoholic beverages and had a serious reaction
– People who drank too much and feel sick
– Traffic accidents caused by rushed and inattentive drivers and pedestrians
– Falls due to tripping on long costumes or blocked vision

I will never forget the Purim a few years ago that my husband responded—clown suit and all—to an accident that killed a little girl. It turned Purim in our community from a happy day into a day of tears and mourning.

Let us ensure that this Purim will be a happy one for all of us.
– If you take medications—don’t drink alcoholic beverages
– Do not urge your guests—especially bachurim—to drink. They may be ashamed to admit that they are on medications or may have had too much to drink already
– Don’t drink & drive
– Drive slowly and carefully—the streets are full of excited kids
– Never send younger children out alone.
– Hold your children’s hands while crossing the street
– Make sure children’s costumes are not too long, and that masks do not block their vision

Help make this Purim a joyous and safe Purim for everyone!

Best wishes from all of us at Beineinu

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