Instacart Adds Fuel Surcharge as Gas Prices Remain High


Instacart, the latest door-to-door service has announced that too will be adding a temporary fuel surcharge to future orders.

According to reports, the company will be adding a 40 cent surcharge to all orders, of which 100% goes directly to the person delivering the order.

“We’re implementing a temporary surcharge on customer orders to help offset the increased cost of gas over the next month,” the company announced in a press release. “This surcharge will add an additional $.40 on customer orders across our marketplace, with a clear indication of the fuel surcharge on the batch before you accept it. Every cent of the new, temporary fuel surcharge will be passed directly onto the shopper. We’re committed to always providing transparent, upfront batch information, so you’ll be able to see the fuel surcharge on the batch to know when it’s included ahead of time. We’ll be launching this feature in the coming days, and will share more information directly with shoppers as it goes live.”

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