Jewish Woman From Boca Raton Donates Kidney and Saves A Life

Born in Brooklyn and currently residing in Boca Raton, Florida, Mrs. Esther Kossofsky swabbed at a renewal event this past year in Boca. Two weeks later, she was called that she has a match.

The recipient, born in Israel and currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada decided to meet the donor halfway. They chose University of Illinois in Chicago. Often used as a halfway point for Americans, they decided that it would be the perfect place.

Esther admits that for her harder than giving her kidney was facing the brutal Chicago weather! Chicago offer many connecting flights to those traveling throughout the U.S. Today it was used to connect two women from two distant locations now becoming forever bonded through this amazing act.

Baruch Hashem kidney transplants have a great success rate however as with everything we do in life, we need to have Siyata dishmaya for it to be successful.

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