A young Yeshiva Bochur, Menachem Mendel Spalter, puts on Tefillin with a stadium manager.

“Kosher Tailgate” Party is a Spirited Extravaganza at Miami Dolphin’s Hard Rock Stadium

by Community Voice Editorial Staff – Reprinted with Permission

In a kaleidoscope of team colors and exuberant cheers, the atmosphere outside the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens transformed into a vibrant sea of fandom as Jewish Miami Dolphins enthusiasts gathered for an unforgettable tailgate party ahead of the recent home game.

As the sun-drenched parking lots filled with the sights and sounds of pre-game festivities, passionate tailgating fans, donned in an array of aqua and orange, showcased their team spirit through an elaborate setup of grills, tents, and Dolphins-themed décor. The scent of sizzling Kosher barbecue and the upbeat sounds of Jewish and Israeli music, created an electric ambiance that set the backdrop for the thrilling football showdown inside.

Live music provided a lively soundtrack, with the young Miami-based sensation DJ Eli Kraz contributing to the upbeat ambiance that carried throughout the tailgate area. From traditional game day favorites like the Kosher wings, burgers and hot dogs, alongside the waving Israeli flag, the parking lot was reminiscent of an Israeli Day Parade, fittingly reflecting the city’s ever-growing Jewish population.

The party was enjoyed by Jews and passing non-Jews alike, inspiring and elevating the experience of all types of fans. Tefillin booths and Shabbat candles were on hand for Jewish male and female fans that were interested in doing a Mitzvah, both for their own merit and for the situation in the Holy Land.

As kickoff approached, the energy escalated, with the Kosher tailgaters making their way to the stadium, carrying the camaraderie and high spirits from the parking lot to the stands. The infectious enthusiasm of the pre-game tailgate lingered in the air, setting the tone for an exhilarating match ahead.

In true Miami style, the Kosher tailgate party proved to be more than just a prelude to the game; it was a dynamic celebration of Jewish identity, community, culture, and unwavering team loyalty. The Hard Rock Stadium, already a fortress for the Dolphins, became the backdrop of a spirited celebration and good deeds of spirituality and kindness that encapsulated the essence of Judaism and football fandom in the Magic City.

The Kosher Tailgate is hosted by Chabad of the Stadium (www.chabadstadium.com, 347-756-1306). For information on future tailgate parties, sponsorship and advertising opportunities, be sure to follow them on their Instagram account.

Eli Krasnianski, a.k.a. DJ Eli Kraz, spins his lively mash-ups for the tailgating fans.

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