LEC Honors Hatzalah Volunteers On Rambam’s Yartzeit

They’re saving lives spiritually–and physically too! 

In honor of the Rambam’s yartzeit on Chof Teves, Lubavitch Educational Center’s Boys Elementary School in Florida commended three of their teachers who also volunteer with Hatzalah as EMTs: Rabbis Asher Sossonko, 5th grade rebbi, Aharon Spielman, 4th grade rebbi, and Mendel Stern, 5th grade rebbi. 

“They’re following in the path of the Rambam, who was an extraordinary teacher and a doctor at the same time, ” says Principal Rabbi Moshe Stern. “These special individuals work hard teaching all day but they don’t stop when they come home. They continue dedicating their day to others by volunteering for Hatzalah. Their entire lives revolve around making an impact on klal Yisroel and for that we salute them.”

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