Operation Shield and Arrow, So Far In Numbers

Since the beginning of hostilities in this round of fighting between Israel and the Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip, more than a thousand rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians, taking the lives of two people in Israel. Here is an overview of the hostilities in numbers.

These are the latest numbers updated as of as of 4:00pm:

221 failed rocket launches
374 Iron Dome interceptions
976 rockets that crossed into Israeli airspace.

Total of 1,234 rocket launches from the Gaza Strip.

Tens of rockets have landed in Israel.

Injuries and death in Israel:

Per medical authorities 71 people have been treated due to the rocket fire in Israel.

2 have been killed — 80 year old woman in Rechovot, and a 35 year old man (Gaza resident) working in southern Israel.

7 others injured by direct rocket debris in Israel — 1 seriously (Gaza resident in Israel), 4 moderately, and 2 lightly.

44 people have been treated for emotional shock filling rocket fire in Israel.

Injuries and death in the Gaza Strip:

6 high ranking officers killed
33 terrorists killed
147 injured (some critically).

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