South Florida Jewish Academy Celebrates Lag Baomer with Annual Lapathon

One of the most anticipated events at South Florida Jewish Academy is the annual Lapathon. Held today in honor of Lag Baaomer, it is a day filled with excitement and enjoyment for students, parents, and staff alike. More than just a fun day, the Lapathon provides an excellent opportunity for the children to raise funds for the school in a healthy and enjoyable way. By finding sponsors for the laps they complete, they actively contribute to the success of their beloved institution.

Located in Coconut Creek, FL, South Florida Jewish Academy prides itself on providing a warm and nurturing environment for all students. Our dedicated staff goes the extra mile to ensure that each child feels loved and cared for, striving to send them home every day with a smile on their face. The Lapathon is a testament to our commitment to creating a positive and joyful atmosphere for our students.

Sigal Finkelstein shares about her sons experience “Upon joining SFJA. Initially, he entered the school with a bundle of nerves, shyness, and reserve. However, his time at SFJA has been truly remarkable. Now, he eagerly looks forward to attending school every day, filled with happiness. He has formed meaningful friendships, is thriving academically, and has undergone tremendous personal growth.”

We are immensely grateful to everyone who got on board and joined us in supporting South Florida Jewish Academy and Little Lights Preschool. Thanks to your generosity, we have already made remarkable progress in our fundraising efforts. The funds raised will enable us to continue our vital work of bringing smiles and success to our students each day.

The children’s enthusiasm and dedication during the Lapathon were truly inspiring. With their heart and soul poured into this event, they collectively ran over 1000 laps. In between laps, they took breaks to hydrate and enjoy some water balloon fun, providing a refreshing respite from the heat. Every child wore a smile and exude excitement, thrilled to be a part of this memorable and enjoyable day.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the staff members who played an integral role in making the Lapathon a resounding success. Their unwavering support, dedication, and hard work behind the scenes were instrumental in creating a well-organized and unforgettable event. Their commitment to the students and the school’s mission is truly commendable.

South Florida Jewish Academy and Little Lights Preschool are deeply grateful for the tremendous support we have received. The funds raised through the Lapathon will significantly contribute to sustaining and enhancing our educational programs and facilities. Together, we are making a profound difference in the lives of our students, fostering their growth, happiness, and success.

As we reflect on the success of this year’s Lapathon, we are filled with gratitude and pride. It is a testament to the strong sense of community and collaboration within our school. We thank each and every participant, sponsor, and volunteer who made this event possible. Your involvement has not only raised funds but has also brought us closer together as a community, reinforcing the values of unity and support.

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