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Gut Voch.

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Chesed Shel Emes. What does it mean? When a person does a chessed for another, there is always the possibility that he can be rewarded. But when it comes to Kavod Hames, taking care of the deceased in the most dignified manner, the person can never reward you. That is why it is called Chesed Shel Emes – a true kindness. There are many who are aware of what we do and thankfully, there are many who are not aware of what we do. But one thing is for certain, it must be done.

We are just the shluchim who do it on behalf of the community and we are asking you to help us to continue to serve faithfully. You are performing that true kindness just as much as we are. Please join us and be a part of that Chesed Shel Emes today. 

When tragedy strikes, grieving families are thrust into an unknown environment, requiring resources that their friends and relatives often do not have. Chesed Shel Emes of Florida tirelessly works throughout the State of Florida to help mourners deal with the unknown, and provide assistance for every facet of their loss, with much deserved sensitivity and efficiently.

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A snapshot of the services of CSE Florida:

• Seminars: Providing education on religious rituals, traditions and customs to Medical Examiners, local and state law enforcement agencies, hospitals and funeral homes, helping them understand the necessity for providing dignity to the deceased. 

• Meis Mitzvah: providing free burial for those who cannot afford one. (At a cost of $1500-$2000 per burial).

• Stop cremation: Stressing the religious and moral responsibility not to have cremations as an option, by assisting with the high cost of burial and legal fees when needed and fighting for the dignity and honor of a proper burial that every Jewish soul deserves.

• Prevent and stop Autopsies: By default, autopsies in Florida are basically almost automated, unless we intervene and come up with different ways to determine the cause of death – an autopsy will likely be performed. A frequent battle for CSE. With our great standing relationship with the medical examiner we are able to avoid this desecration. 

Throughout the years, people have instinctively turned to Chesed Shel Emes for help to guide them through the turmoil of a crisis. CSE has a proven track record of providing critically needed services when rapid response is essential.

CSE also represents the face of long standing and dependable assistance to the Jewish community in Florida, working with Rabbis, community leaders and law enforcement agencies to facilitate security, search and rescue efforts, airborne transport and other needs the community requires.

During the Surfside tragedy, CSE Florida was particularly visible, with a volunteer presence on site 24/7 for more than 30 days. From mere moments after the collapse, until every last soul was found, and beyond.  They assisted law enforcement in identifying religious articles and personal effects and returning them to their rightful owners.  They provided much needed advice and encouragement to those searching for answers.

CSE also supports bereaved families with a full line of free Shiva services, such as siddurim, shiva chairs, candles, sefer Torah, and more.

In today’s society of recklessness, indecisiveness and uncertainty, it is good to know that Chesed Shel Emes can be relied upon to give, and give more, to those in need, and stand strong with those who feel too weak to stand alone.

Stand with us, and together, we will bring hope and happiness to our brothers and sisters in Klal Yisroel when they need it most.

Please click the link below and show us your support as we support you during the most difficult times, anytime.

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