The Jew Project: Shloime Zionce – Writer/Content Creator

The Jew Project, created by photographer Yisroel Teitelbaum aims to unify the Jewish people through documenting the lives of individuals. To read more on The Jew Project Click Here

Shloime’s work has taken him around the world, documenting, interviewing, learning and educating. His self-described favorite region his work has taken him is the Middle East. Shloime feels and serves as a Jewish Ambassador, as in many instances he is the first and only Jew that someone has met.

Shloime’s work has taken him from Afghanistan to Colombia, Lebanon to Indonesia, Cairo to meeting The Royal Family in the Gulf.

Shloime is a writer, podcaster, and content creator.

Shloime’s goal of visiting 50 countries was quickly deemed too easily achievable, advancing his goal to visit every country in the world.

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