Young Boy Is Absolute Winner After Keeping His Kipa On During Judo Competition

When the Jewish pride of a 7-year-old boy is so great, greater than the desire to be the winner in a judo championship or to be equal to everyone around him, he is undoubtedly a winner.

This boy from our community in Curitiba, Brazil is an example for all of us. Living in a small town, where being a Jew is practically not so common and apparent, where you walk down the street and can feel different… Go to school and stand out for your kipa and Tzitzit… it’s not easy at all. It would be easier for him to want to hide his identity, to be ashamed of dressing like a Jew. It’s a big challenge. “Why be different when most people aren’t?” you can think.

But little Samuel inspired us, showing his strength and commitment to Torah values! As our sages say: “Who is strong? He who conquers his evil inclination”

On Sunday he participated in a judo competition, after several competitions he missed because they took place on Shabbat. In the competition they asked him to take off his kipa, but he refused, even if it meant losing points every time the kipa fell.

He knew how to value and be proud of his identity without being afraid of what the teacher or the spectators would think or comment. He deserves our standing ovation! Undoubtedly it served as an example and inspiration for everyone there and for our community, reminding us that we can always be firm and strong, making the right choice even if the majority does and thinks differently. When others see that we are serious about what we believe in, they give us all respect.

When shame or indifference hits us, let’s remember this strong 7-year-old boy.

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