14 Israeli Hostages, Including One Russian National, Handed Over to the Red Cross In Latest Exchange

israelnationalnews and CrownHeights.info

The release of the third group of Israeli hostages from Hamas captivity is underway.

The IDF confirmed that according to information received from the Red Cross, the organization had received 14 Israeli citizens and three foreign citizens.

In contrast to the last two groups, the hostages were met by the Red Cross representatives in the northern Gaza Strip and are expected to travel the long journey to the Rafah Crossing with Egypt.

This is the reported list of Israeli hostages released tonight:

  1. Abigail Idan, 4
  2. Ella Elyakim, 8
  3. Dafna Elyakim, 15
  4. Hagar Brodetz Ama, 40 and her children
  5. Ofri Brodetz, 10
  6. Yuval Brodetz, 8
  7. Oriya Brodetz, 4
  8. Chen Goldstein, 48 and her children
  9. Agam Goldstein, 17
  10. Tal Goldstein, 9
  11. Gal Goldstein, 11
  12. Alma Avraham, 84
  13. Adrian Aviva Siegel, 63

Two American citizens who were held hostage by Hamas have been released to Israel among them 4-year-old Abigail Idan.

12 of the hostages were handed over to special forces and the Shin Bet at the border fence in central Gaza. They will be taken to the Hatzerim airbase.

One hostage was taken straight by helicopter to a hospital.

Four hostages were taken to Egypt’s Rafah border crossing, and from there they will be brought into Israel.

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