Approximately One In Seven Jews Worldwide Are Frum, Report


A report published by the London-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research has provided a heart warming number for worldwide Jewry. Approximately one in seven Jews worldwide identify as Orthodox.

According to the report, out of a worldwide Jewish population of 15.166 million at the end of 2020, around 2,077,000, or 14%, identified with an Orthodox group.

Institute for Jewish Policy Research drew their research from multiple census sources, available polls and surveys, and other research.

According to the Institute, an estimated 1.2 Million Orthodox Jews live in Israel, 17% of the country’s Jewish population. The US has slightly less, with approximately 700,000 Orthodox Jews out of the country’s estimated 6 million.

The third largest Orthodox Jewish community is in the UK, numbering 76,000, or 26% of the 292,000 Jews of Britain.

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