Boca Eruv Gives Expansion Update

Dear Community Member,

We all understand the crucial role that an eruv plays in the tapestry of our community. It is not merely a structure but a vital element in our Shabbos observance. However, how many of us truly comprehend the essence of an eruv, the meticulous efforts invested in its creation, and the tangible benefits derived from having a top-notch eruv?

Embark on a journey of discovery with us as we invite you to explore and gain a deeper appreciation for your local eruv. Join Soto on a visual tour that unveils the intricacies and significance of this essential aspect of our Shmiras Shabbos.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the 25 community leaders who have wholeheartedly embraced the role of eruv ambassadors by sponsoring 10 or more poles. Their commitment has been invaluable, but the list is still growing, and we invite you to join this noble cause.

20 or more poles

Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Gubin

Mr. & Mrs. Ari Stern

Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Wechsler

Mr. & Mrs. Adam Wies

10 or more poles

Mr. & Mrs. Reid Shapiro

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Abittan

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Packer

Mr. & Mrs. Josh Glatt

Mr. & Mrs. Yitzchok Zimmerman

Mr. & Mrs. Ezra Roth

Mr. & Mrs. Aron Levy

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Wolnerman

Mr. & Mrs. Eli Stienhardt

Mr. & Mrs. Netanel Myerovitz

Mr. & Mrs. Yaakov Jeidel

Mr. & Mrs. Danny Robbin

Mr. & Mrs. Donny Cohen

Mr. & Mrs. Seth Frolich

Mr. & Mrs. Avi Zwelling

Mr. & Mrs. Cheston Mizel

Mr. & Mrs. Ayal Frist

Mr. & Mrs. Aryeh Kiefer

Mr. & Mrs. Avi Greenbaum

Mr. & Mrs. Seth Entin

Mr. And Mrs Aron Lowenthal

As an eruv user, your participation is crucial. Please express your appreciation and play your part in supporting those who generously dedicate their time and resources to enhance your Shmiras Shabbos week after week.

May our collective efforts in safeguarding Shabbos serve as a merit and protection not only for ourselves but for the entire Jewish people, wherever they may be.

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Rabbi Philip Moskowitz

Rabbi Yaakov Gibber

Rabbi Rael Blumenthal

Rabbi Eliyahu Rabovsky

Rabbi Yeshai Bane

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