Broward Sheriffs Office Terminates Union President Over False Statements and Corrupt Practices

On April 6, 2020, the Broward Sheriff’s Office Division of Internal Affairs commenced an investigation involving Deputy Jeff Bell for allegations of violating BSO policies, including truthfulness, corrupt practices, employee statements, conduct unbecoming an employee and discretion.
On April 10, 2020, Deputy Bell was suspended with pay pending the outcome of the IA investigation. 

Today, Sheriff Gregory Tony announced Bell’s termination, effective immediately.

“My decision to terminate Deputy Jeff Bell comes after a lengthy and thorough investigation by the Broward Sheriff’s Office Division of Internal Affairs. Following the internal investigation, investigators presented the case to the Professional Standards Committee (PSC), which reviewed the evidence, sustained all the allegations against Deputy Bell, and recommended his termination in a unanimous vote. I support the findings in this case and concur that Bell’s actions rise to the level of termination,” Sheriff Tony said.

Sheriff Tony further stated, “During the course of the investigation, investigators took sworn statements from approximately two hundred individuals with pertinent information, including Bell. The evidence shows Bell used corrupt practices to try to prevent me from being elected sheriff by providing misinformation and lies to the media to create fear and distrust among BSO employees and within the community during a global pandemic. This type of behavior is egregious at any time but even more harmful and shameful during an unprecedented health crisis. Bell’s irresponsible comments took time and effort away from the critical public safety demands of BSO.”

“I’ve committed to bringing the highest levels of professionalism, accountability and transparency to BSO. No employee shall be above the rules and policies of this organization,” Sheriff Tony concluded.

Click HERE to view the entire closed Broward County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Investigative Report. 

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