Cheder Chabad of Florida Hires New Staff For the 2023 School Year


Cheder Chabad of Florida has seen a dramatic increase in the number of students enrolled for the 2023 school year, and it’s making the staff changes to match.

Two notable staff hires at the school have been announced so far including a new preschool director.

Nechama Lapidus

Nechama Lapidus, a sixteen year veteran in educating children, brings with her a passion for teaching along with her Bachelor’s degree in Education and Master’s in Special Ed.

Growing up with parents who devoted their lives to education, Nechama cultivated an aspiration for teaching and gained exceptional tools for communicating with children of all ages.

“They taught me that Chiunuch is about the individual and how crucial it is to see each student as a whole person,” Nechama said.

An educator of educators, Nechama will be leading the schools preschool department.

Rabbi Bentzi Deray

Another staff announcement was Rabbi Bentzi Deray, a school teacher for nearly a decade with seven years of teaching in Cheder Chabad of Sydney.

A teacher with a wide breadth of knowledge, Benzi brings skills in technology, electronics, woodwork, and 3D printing to bear in his creative teaching methods.

As schools throughout South Florida are bursting at the seams, the need for experienced teachers is reaching ever higher, attracting many to what the Lubavitcher Rebbe once termed the Yerushalayim of America.

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