Chidon Finalist From Cheder Chabad Florida Inspires In New York

Fifty students from Cheder Chabad Florida who qualified as Chidon finalists flew to New York for what turned out to be an exceptionally unique experience. Their first stop upon landing was to the Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens where Chaim Silberstein, a young Shliach who has joined the cheder after escaping the war, led the boys in saying Tehillim for the safety and security of the Yidden in Ukraine. It was an uplifting and emotional moment to witness. As a Hachana before entering the Ohel, the students heard words from Rabbi Mendel Gluckowsky from Rabonei Chabad in Eeretz Yisroel.

Additional highlights of the trip included Davening in the Rebbe’s house on Chof Hay Adar the Rebbetzin’s birthday, having lunch at the home of Rabbi Moshe Kotalarsky who Farbrenged with and encouraged the boys to take on Hachlatos with others in honor of Yud Aleph Nissan as well as visiting Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky who shared first-hand stories of the Rebbetzin. The groups of boys and girls both enjoyed five-star trips along with 1,200 of their fellow Chidon finalists as well as a tour of the Rebbe’s library where they heard from Rabbi Eliyahu Matusof, from Kehos publications.

This amazing experience of traveling to the Rebbe was organized by Rabbi Zash Itkin the assistant principal at Cheder Chabad.

As one of many parents who were themselves uplifted, noted: “The students came back on a total high! And we were very reassured knowing they were in such good hands the entire time. Both physically and spiritually. Thank you!”

May we continue to raise children who are infused with the Chayos and Kedusha of Torah and Chassidus.

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