Photo Credit: Yisroel Teitelbaum

Community to Salute IDF Wounded Soldiers in Heartfelt Event at Congregation Beth David

Beit Halochem USA/FIDV is proud to extend a warm invitation to the community and media to join us on February 7 for a special event at Congregation Beth David in Palm Beach Gardens to honor the resilience and bravery of IDF wounded soldiers. Special guest IDF Captain Ron Birman, a remarkable individual with an inspiring story, will be present to share his journey. IDF heroes and community leaders will grace the occasion.

Born on October 31, 1997, in New Jersey, Ron Birman moved to Israel at the age of three. Growing up in Mishmar Hashiv’a near Tel Aviv, he became a youth counselor before joining the IDF in 2017. Ron successfully graduated from the Israeli Naval Academy, attaining the rank of Captain in Squadron 193. His extraordinary courage was exemplified during an operational flight whenhis helicopter faced a critical malfunction, resulting in an emergency crash landing at sea. Despite sustaining serious injuries, Ron attempted a rescue, emerging as the sole survivor.

After months of rehabilitation at Beit HalochemRon not only overcame a broken spine but also returned to serve as the chief commander for naval infantry training in the Israeli Missile Cruiser fleet. Ron is now happily married to Maria, residing in Haifa.

Accompanying Capt. Birman will be several participants from the community, including the youth choir from Congregation Beth David, Israeli Consul, and community leaders. The event is generously sponsored by Carol and Bob Summers.

Beit Halochem, meaning “House of Warriors,” is a beacon of hope for over 60,000 wounded soldiers in Israel. These centers provide comprehensive rehabilitation services, encompassing physical and emotional recovery. Supporters play a crucial role in this mission, as their contributions enable wounded soldiers like Ron Birman to rebuild their lives with purpose and dignity. Be part of this mission and your support will make a lasting impact on the lives of those who fought valiantly for Israel.

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