Coral Springs Marriott Event Set to Host Florida Gathering of Hamas Sympathizers Cancelled After Community outcry


The Middle East Forum (MEForum), a website which shares news related to the ongoing Gaza war, published an article outing the Coral Springs Marriott which was set to host an event for Hamas sympathizers. The news sparked outrage in the community and the Marriott cancelled the event.

“Mark your calendars for January 12-13, because the South Florida Muslim Federation (SFMF), also known as “SoFlo Muslims,” is about to host its annual conference and bazaar extravaganza, titled “Lighting the Path,” The MEF wrote. “This isn’t your typical religious retreat. SFMF is a collection of mosques, charities, and civic action groups representing the faith’s most radical Islamist sects and movements. Its conference promises to feature hateful speeches from some of the region’s most controversial Islamist voices – including from individuals who regularly traffic in bigotry and possess alarming ties to foreign terrorists.”

The community reacted with outrage, calling the hotel and launching a petition which gained over 1,500 signatures.

“We urge Coral Springs Marriott to reconsider their decision and cancel this event,” The petition says. “By doing so, they will send a strong message against extremism and uphold their commitment towards maintaining a safe environment for all guests and residents alike.”

It took just a few days, but within a short time the event had officially been cancelled at the Marriott. It remains unknown if the event will take place at another local venue.

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