Hatzalah of Metrowest Expands, Begins Hatzalah of Morristown, NJ

Hatzalah of Metrowest, formerly Hatzalah of West Orange & Livingston, proudly announces the launch of its Morristown division, effective Rosh Hashanah 5783.

When Hatzalah launched in neighboring West Orange and Livingston, and demand for its services accelerated, the organization recruited and trained several members of the Morristown community – including Dov and Mendel Brafman, Zac Kramer, Avremy Raksin, and Rabbi Yossi Spalter – many of whom work in the area.

The availability of the nearby “full-service” Hatzalah provided support to Rabbi Feivish Rosenberg – a long-time EMT in Morristown, who has cared for countless families – by providing additional EMTs and an
ambulance, for low acuity calls.

“As the Yeshiva and surrounding community have B”H grown over the past decade, so has demand for a dedicated Hatzalah and we are blessed to launch a branch of our own” said Rabbi Moshe Herson,
Dean of the RCA.

With dispatchers and volunteer EMTs on stand-by 24/7/365, Hatzalah is capable of responding to emergency calls within minutes. Each responder is trained to the highest standards and fully-equipped with the latest life-saving equipment.

Ilan Rosenrauch, one of Hatzalah of Metrowest’s founding coordinators, said “It has been a privilege to work with leaders of the Yeshiva and surrounding community on the Morristown launch and we look forward to continued growth together.”

Fundraising efforts to support the new division, with a focus on its first ambulance, will begin after the Yomim Tovim.

Rabbi Rosenberg noted, “A Morristown-based ambulance is a critical component of our newly formed Hatzalah and will be parked 24/7 at the Yeshiva. When seconds count, having our own ambulance on scene can make all the difference.”

In addition to its life-saving operations, Hatzalah will offer free First Aid & CPR classes to the community on a regular basis.

The emergency number for Hatzalah of Metrowest: Morristown is 973-604-4000.

Tax-deductible contributions can be made online at www.hatzalahmetrowest.org or by check to Hatzalah of Metrowest at: P.O. Box 245 West Orange, NJ 07052.

To discuss dedication opportunities, please email donors@hatzalahmetrowest.org

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