Healing Hearts, We Are Here For You

Providing Medical Support Me’Halev, we serve all of the medical needs of South Florida’s Jewish communities with open-hearted Chessed, love, compassion, and expertise.

When there is a sudden medical emergency, we are here with Kosher food and care packages so the family can stay by their bedside.

When a patient is discharged from the hospital and overwhelmed, we are here to help navigate the healthcare system.

When a new baby is born five minutes after candle lighting, we are here with a full Shabbos experience.

When a patient is seeking a second opinion or looking for the right physician, we are here to help you make that connection with the best specialist and finest doctors.

When a family needs a place to stay near the hospital, we are here with Chessed homes so they can stay close to their loved one and help them recover.

Healing Hearts is here for you when facing any medical challenge or crisis, and we need your help to continue servicing South Florida communities and beyond!

Please donate today to ensure that we can continue providing immediate and ongoing support to patients and their families.

We can’t do it without you.

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