HY”D: Hostage Sahar Baruch Was Killed During Rescue Attempt


The IDF has informed the family of Sahar Baruch, one of the hostages who was kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist organization on October 7, that he was killed during a rescue attempt about a month ago.

The rescue attempt was led by a special unit on the night of December 7. The IDF stated that at this stage it is not possible to determine the circumstances of the death and it is not known whether he was murdered by Hamas or killed by the fire from IDF forces.

Sahar, 25, is survived by his parents Tami and Roni Baruch, and his brothers Guy and Niv. About a month before the massacre, he returned from a vacation to South America, and shortly after that he was supposed to begin his studies as a student in the electrical engineering department at Ben Gurion University.

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