Man Arrested After He Attacks Jewish Man, Punches Woman While Spewing Hate


A Jewish man became the victim of a hate filled crime last week after a man assaulted him and pulled his Yarmulke from his head while spewing hate.

“We arrested suspect, Daniel Scanlan, who hit a man from behind, removed his black yarmulke (Orthodox Jewish skullcap) and called him a “Dirty Jew Kike”, the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s office wrote.

Scanlon, 34, perpetrated the attack outside a Walmart near Boca Raton under the eyes of multiple witnesses.

According to the Sherriff;s office, a woman attempted to intervene and the suspect snatched her cell phone, insulted her and threw her to the ground causing a minor laceration to her right elbow.

The suspect then fled in a White Kia vehicle and drove away.

Sadly for him, freedom from the law just was not meant to be.

Scanlon was arrested and has been given the royal welcome in the Palm Beach County jail.

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