New Podcast Connecting Science With Age Old Wisdom

Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, a veteran Rabbi of forty years, author of and, a Pioneer Rabbi in Palm Beach, Florida, who started the first Orthodox Minyan and Mikvah there, now brings all his knowledge and experience to the field of Quantum Physics and Science.

This Show will educate and demonstrate the incredible parallels between the fields of science and our age-old eternal wisdom and our traditions’ practices. It will broaden your understanding of science as it relates to our Jewish identity, inspire you to follow our traditions, and boost your motivation to be the best you can be.

Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui believes the recent discoveries in science, as Rambam already states in the Guide for the Perplexed, help deepen and strengthen our faith in God Almighty and is a taste and step towards ushering in the times when “the world will be filled with the knowledge of God.”  

Quantum Physics is the words of Chassidus and Kabbalah as physical actual knowledge. Todays discoveries in science, not only does not distance a person from religion and faith, it can and will strengthen and deepen it.  

People from Belgium, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, and the United States of America are tuning in.

They are listening on Platforms Mac OS, ExoPlayer, iTunes, Google Podcast, Castbox, Spotify, Stitcher,, Android App, Jewish Podcast, Amazon, Andriod, and Others.

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You can listen to Physics of the Mystics here @

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