Quebec Locks Down Again, Shutting Schools, Shuls, and Setting A Curfew

by Info News

For Quebec, it’s back to March 2020.

The Quebec government has announced the provinces closure yet again, locking down schools, shuls, and setting a curfew over the spread of the most recent strain of COVID-19.

“We’re at the worst of the pandemic so far,” Legault said at a news conference Thursday. “Cases are underevaluated due to [at home] rapid tests, and we risk surpassing hospital capacity in the coming weeks.”

The new restrictions place a curfew on Quebec’s residents, imposing a fine between $1,000 and $6,000 between the hours of 10:00pm. and 5:00am for anyone found out of their homes without good reason.

Other restrictions included indoor gatherings restricted to only one household, most stores must be closed Sunday, and suspension of all indoor sports.

The restrictions, that take effect Friday at 5:00pm, also require the closure of all places of worship and close all schools through January 17th.

Quebec reported 14,188 new COVID-19 cases Thursday, its highest number of confirmed daily cases since the start of the pandemic.

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