Tens of Thousands Rally In Central Park In Support of Israel

by JewishMiami.info

Congressman, local leaders, and tens of thousands of residents packed into Manhattan’s Central Park this week for a unity concert and rally in support of Israel.

Members of Congress and leaders of the Jewish communities of New York spoke to the gathered crowd expressing strong support for Israel and its right to fight terrorism.

Thousands of participants in the rally lit candles igniting the cry of Am Yisroel Chai.

The moving concert featured Idan Richel who sang from the depths of his heart and touched every person with a song of hope. Famous singer Gad Elbaz recited Kaddish, blessed the IDF soldiers, and made a passionate prayer for the more than 240 captives still held by Hamas in Gaza.

Speaker at the event included Ambassador Gilad Erdan, Senator Chuck Schumer, Members of Congress and the New York City Council.

The event was produced by the organizations UJA and JCRC
Sponsored by dozens of Jewish organizations in New York
Production: Eventiqe
Multimedia: TOP media
Stage, sound and lighting: Dynamic Production

Photos by Dovber Hechtman

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