The Jew Project: Joey Newcomb, Rising Orthodox Musical Artist and Founder of The “Thank You Hashem” Campaign

The Jew Project, created by photographer Yisroel Teitelbaum aims to unify the Jewish people through documenting the lives of individuals. To read more on The Jew Project: Click Here

Yosef “Joey” Newcomb is perhaps one of the fasting rising Orthodox Artists, propelled in part by his campaign “Thank You Hashem”.

TYH has become an international phenomenon, inspiring people to appreciate everything that they have, when its good, and when its great!

Joey was always the guy to lead a kumzitz with his guitar but never planned or expected to have a full time career in the music industry. Starting a few years after he was already married, Joey has since performed at concerts and events across the country, and the world, his singing always accompanied by a few lines of Torah, and a Hasidic Thought.

Joey currently lives with his wife and family, in Far Rockaway NY.

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