Two Jews Shot in LA While Leaving Shul Within 24 Hours Period


Two Jewish men leaving shul nearly 24 hours apart were shot and injured in Los Angeles within the last two days.

According to reports, the first incident happened in the Pico area of LA Wednesday morning as the victim was leaving shul. The victim was shot in the arm by a man described as being Asian with a guotie style beard. The victim was transported to the hospital with non-Life threating injuries.

Thursday morning the same incident played out, with a victim leaving shul being the target of a shooting. The second victim was also reported to have been shot in the arm and have sustained non-life threating injuries.

The Magen Am patrol, who were on scene of the first shooting, released a statement on the dual attacks.

“It is sickening that in Los Angeles today, 2 Jews have been shot in the street in 2 days, as they were leaving prayers,” the statement read. “Regardless of the motivation of the shootings, Jews deserve to be secure, living and serving G-d in peace.”

Magen Am has taken steps regarding the incidents, asking the city to take a strong stand on behalf of its Jewish community.

“LAPD is currently saying there is no specific information indicating this was driven solely by antisemitism,” Magen Am said. “We await detectives’ updates.”

Magen Am has placed all of their protected schools, guards, and volunteers on a heightened alert.

“Everyone must be a part of the solution,” said Rabbi Yossi Eilfort, a founder of Magen Am. “Train in situational awareness and self defense. Volunteer on the security team for your institution. And support those that do. We are all in this together.”

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