A CEO, An Awkward Bochur, and Yossi Farro Walked Into a Twitter Feed….And Tefillin

by CrownHeights.info

It’s one of those bizarre stories of of how social media can connect the rich and poor, and apparently the Chabad bochur with the CEO VIA the satire Twitter account.

The story begins with CEO of @issuanceHQ Darren Marble, whose tweet If you can’t or won’t raise capital, you shouldn’t be CEO,” sparked the interest in the satire Twitter account Awkward Bochur.

The conversation went like this:

Darren Marble: If you can’t or won’t raise capital, you shouldn’t be CEO.

Awkward Bochur: lmao you sound like a rosh yeshiva giving advice to yungerlite about opening a yeshiva.

Darren Marble: It’s sage advice.

Awkward Bochur: haha how do you know about rosh yeshivas and yungerlite

Darren Marble: I’m a Jew.

Awkward Bochur: good times. grew up frum or no?

Darren Marble: My mom is Jewish but I wasn’t raised in a religious household. My kids go to temple.

Awkward Bochur: I should send @FarroYossi ‘s tush out to do a tefilin wrap

It didn’t take long for Yossi Farro to jump on the opportunity, saying “I’m down to meeting up here in LA with and doing tefilin what do you think @darrenmarble”

Fast forward a couple days, and Yossi Farro is wrapping the CEO up on Yud Tes Kislev, proving that satire accounts do have a positive use on Twitter.

Farro didn’t stop there, catching a second tefillin and wrapping it up literally with a Bar Mitzvah.

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