Updated: Ceasefire and Hostage Release, Named Operation “Heaven’s Door” Goes Into Effect, Here Are The Details

by JewishMiami.info

Update: All 13 hostages named in the first batch of the hostage release have arrived in Israel in a healthy state. Israel in return has initiated the release of 39 prisoners. Along with the 13 Israeli Hostages were 11 Thai and 1 Philippine hostage that were released.

Update 10:19am: NAMES RELEASED –

קרן מונדר – אמא
אוהד מונדר – ילד
דורין אשר – אמא
רז אשר – ילדה
אביב אשר – ילדה
אמא של דורין אשר – סבתא
יפה אדר – קשישה
דניאל אלוני – אימא
אמיליה אלוני – ילדה
4 קשישות נוספות

Update 10:10am: Israeli officials indicated that representatives had crossed into Egypt where the hostages have arrived. There they will confirm all is in order before transferring the Israel.

Update 9:30am: The Thai Government has also reported that 12 of its citizens held by Hamas are alsoi being released.

Update: Egyptian officials report that the 13 hostages have been handed over to the Red Cross in Gaza and are on their way to Egypt.

A long prepared ceasefire deal mediated by multiple nations has come into effect Friday morning, paving the way for a much anticipated hostage release. The deal is complicated, so here are the details.

Note: JewishMiami.info has refrained from reporting on the deal until now as such attempts to reach a deal have historically unraveled at the last moment, bringing much pain to the family of the hostages. As the operation approaches, we are now reporting on it in its entirety.

The Ceasefire Deal:

– The ceasefire, originally scheduled for Thursday, was delayed until this morning, Friday at 7:00am Israel time, when all fighting in Gaza stopped.

– Prior to the cessation of fighting, Israel launched a punishing barrage of airstrikes, reporting that it had killed another high level Hamas official.

– The ceasefire deal is a four day deal, through Tuesday morning, with the option of extending it one day at a time contingent of further release of Israeli hostages.

– 15 minutes after the ceasefire began sirens wailed in two towns in southern Israel. Despite this, the ceasefire held.

– Israel has agreed to allow the delivery of 130,000 liters (34,340 gallons) of fuel per day during the truce — still only a small portion of Gaza’s estimated daily needs of more than 1 million liters.

– The Israeli military dropped leaflets over southern Gaza, warning hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians who sought refuge there not to try during the truce to return to their homes in the northern half of the territory.

The Hostage Deal:

– Mediated by Qatar, the deal involves the release of Israeli hostages in return for the ceasefire and the release of Palestinian prisoners.

– Israel agreed to the release of Palestinian prisoners at a 3-1 ratio, with one Israeli Hostage for three Palestinian prisoners. Hamas chose which Hostages are to be released, and Israel chose which prisoners are to be released. Both sides published lists of those to be released for approval of the other side.

– Both sides agreed release women and children first.

– The order of release is as follows. 1. Hamas releases 13 hostages on day #1 of the ceasefire. 2. Once the hostages have arrived in Israel, Israel has two hours to release their first batch of Palestinian prisoners. 3. Each side will release additional prisoners each day until Hamas has released at least 50 hostages by the 4th day and Israel 150 prisoners. 4. An additional 50 hostages may be released with a corresponding release of 150 Palestinian prisoners. 5. For every additional 10 hostages released following the 4th day of the ceasefire, Israel agrees to an extension of the ceasefire for one day.

Additional details:

– At most, based on the number of hostages Hamas has available, the ceasefire may extend for up to approximately 15 days.

– Rumors indicate that Hamas may have also struck a deal with Thailand for a release of their nationals held by Hamas. There are few details available regarding that deal.

Preparations for Hostage Release:

During the past day, the IDF completed preparations to receive the hostages released from captivity in Gaza upon their return to Israel. The IDF, in coordination with government ministries and security authorities, have prepared to quickly receive the released hostages and give them all the necessary support.

Preparations to receive the hostages upon their return

As part of the preparations, the IDF has readied several locations dedicated to the initial reception of the released hostages, including with necessary medical provisions.

After the initial reception and medical treatment, the released hostages will continue to hospitals, where they will be reunited with their families.
The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit requests patience and sensitivity from the public and the media. We ask everyone

to respect the privacy of the released hostages and their families.
The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit asks that the public refer to official updates and announcements only, and refrain from enabling the weaponization of psychological terror by terrorist organizations.

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