Meaningful People Podcast With Berel Solomon, How He Found G-d

Berel Solomon has been a professional salesperson for 15 years and has built 7-figure companies. He sat down with the Meaningful People Podcast to share his life story.

When Berel was 18 years old he started his first business, More To Life Entertainment, which brought celebrities to nightclubs in Montreal. When he was 21 years old he became more observant of his Jewish roots and stepped away from the nightclub business. Berel went to go work for his father in their family business of Metal Recycling. He helped grow the business from $7 Million in sales to $40 Million in 7 years, before venturing out into businesses of his own.

Berel is the producer of the documentary “Orthodoxed”, which chronicles his journey from a drug dealer and prince of the nightclub business to becoming a Lubavitcher chassid. He is well known for his philanthropy and social media presence, and resides in Montreal with his family.

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