Purim Farbrengen in Miami Chabad Yeshiva

The Yeshiva Gedolah of Greater Miami celebrated Purim with an electrifying Farbrengen.

After a full day of Mivtzoim on the streets of Miami and assisting nearby Chabad Houses, where hundreds of Jews merited to hear the Megillah and fulfill the days Mitzvos, the Bochurim and Anash gathered at the Yeshiva Gedolah Zal to Farbreng.

The Farbrengen was led by our esteemed Rosh Yeshiva Harav Y.L. Schapiro who farbrenged to the early hours of Friday morning. In the middle of the Farbrengen the crowd erupted in enthusiastic singing and dancing followed by continued and more powerful farbrenging. Harav Y.L. Schapiro encouraged the Bochurim to use the power of the day and the moment to take Hachlotos Tovos upon themselves.

One of the Mekurovim that was brought to the Farbrengen, took upon himself to begin keeping Shabbos on a monthly basis. This brought Harav Schapiro to continue the celebration for even longer.

The Yeshiva had the pleasure of hearing from guest speaker Harav Chaim Schapiro Menahel of YTTL Morristown who shared, amongst other inspiring purim concepts, his experience of Purim whilst being a Bochur in Yeshiva Gedolah in Miami and the many Farbrengens of the Rebbe that they would tune into live.

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