Students Unite In Margate With Rosh Chodesh Hakhel Event


On Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, students and staff of Lubavitch Hebrew Academy in Margate, FL celebrated the reenactment of Hakhel complete with Kohanim, a Kohen Gadol, and joyous dancing.

The girls event took place in the morning with the 8th grade serving as the Kohanim, dressed in Bigdei Kehuna and calling all the Jews to the Har Habayis with trumpets.

After settling in the gym, the students were blessed with Birkas Kohanim from Rabbi Avraham Friedman, Executive Director of Chabad of Coral Springs, FL.

A Sefer Torah was brought and held by the “Sgan Kohen Gadol”, Rabbi Hodokov, who imparted the message of Hakhel to the students along with its importance to us today.

The event continued with the 12 Pesukim and a short video of the Rebbe speaking about gathering during the year of Hakhel. The incredible morning culminated with jubilant dancing to a song of Hakhel.

And when the afternoon came, it started again, this time for the boys.

Lubavitch Hebrew Academy, under the direction of Rabbi Yossie and Rivka Denberg, is presently live for its annual fundraising campaign with the goal of $720,000.

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