The Parshah Pop Up, An Activity For One and All

Parshas Bereishis is popping up faster than you think. We are bringing you an amazing creative parshah presentation. So many teachers already signed up. This program is already in over 60 schools! Join the hype.

Not just for Morahs. Rebbi’s, home schooling, online school can purchase it too.

What are we?

We are selling an interactive parsha presentation that is student made. Every week, the girls create a new pop up card. They can then display it at their Shabbos table! Our objective is to provide a weekly Dvar Torah, presented in a creative, fun, meaningful, and age appropriate way!

Students love it. They look forward to it all week. They ask their mothers to schedule appointments around the lesson! Parents love it. Their child is so excited and confident to share her Dvar Torah at the Shabbos table each week! Teachers love it. It’s a great, effortless activity and lesson that’s prepared for you!

What is included?

* Video instructions every single week!
* An easy to read Dvar Torah written for children.
* Printables for all the craft components
* A pictorial supplies list

Hear what is being said about the success of the program:

“We consider ourselves very blessed to be a part of this amazing curriculum. Finally! A way to teach Parsha that is not only fun and interactive, but a weekly project that has become the highlight of our week in 2nd Grade and the envy of the school. Our young 1st Grade graduates literally tell us that the weekly Parsha Pop Up is on top of their list of things they look forward to doing in 2nd Grade. We can’t wait to see what Parsha Pop Up will do next…”

Rabbi Rosenfeld, Teacher of 2nd Grade- Esforme Hebrew Academy, Ormond Beach, Florida

Parsha pop up truly made parsha come alive in our class. The girls looked forward to it all week and would go home feeling proud and excited to show their family. Oftentimes even when absent, the family would reach out asking for the parsha pop up as it was a shabbos highlight no one wanted to miss. So grateful for the parsha pop up program/ tool, as it exponentially enhances our parsha class!

Chaya Singer, Teacher of 2nd Grade – LEC, Florida

Parsha Pop-Outs was the highlight of my daughter’s Shabbos! She would be thrilled to show our family and guests at the Shabbos table her creative work and then read the connecting message from the Parsha out-loud, initiating conversation about the Parsha.

Chanie Tenenbaum, Parent – Baltimore, MD

As a principal it was so great to see our students so engaged and so proud of their Parsha done in such a creative format. We are so excited to have it built into our curriculum.

N Friedman, Principal of Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh

Parsha Pop Up was the highlight of the entire week! If a child was absent we would arrange for it to be dropped off at their home. Everyone knew you can not miss the Parsha Pop Up.

This program is Amazing! It was very well done, all the parsha crafts with the video explaining step by step. It’s clearly understood!

Sima Susskind, Teacher – Cheder Chabad Morristown

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